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We keep high standards in everything we do we do.

Our people have decades of experience addressing our clients’ most pressing business problems. As an all-around consulting firm, we solve our clients’ problems in an agile manner, significantly reducing complexity and leading to early successes. This allows our clients to focus on their future knowing that their present is secure. Our solutions are integrated and streamlined to provide our clients everything they need to transform into an effective, competitive digital organization.


WeChat & Web Creative Experience

In our emphasis on both Dev and User Experience, creativity is always the driving force for 31Ten. We build and work with cutting-edge technology, while keeping a close eye on performance and User Experience.


WeChat Development

More than a social App aimed at the Chinese market, WeChat is becoming increasingly important for business as well. We explore the WeChat Kingdom to provide unique solutions and a fully customized experience.

wechat dev

WeChat Mini-Programs & Mini-Games

At 31Ten, about half of our projects are WeChat-related. Our work ranges widely on the topic, and Mini-Programs and Mini-Games are no exceptions. We also provide useful articles and guides to make the best of this platform.


Website Development

We focus on designing and building complex and reliable websites solutions that provide a User Experience users will actually enjoy interacting with.


User Experience

We work to define or redefine the User Experience design on your website to improve user satisfaction and retention through the utility, accessibility, ease of use, and pleasure provided in the interaction with your website.


User Interface

Once the User Experience has been defined, we can help you design the look & feel build to create the User Interface you’re looking for.

user research

User Research

Before we start working on any existing wireframe or design, we first need to know more and fully understand your brand, your industry, and your target users.

User testing

User Testing

Once defined the User Interface, we can now improve your User Experience and User Interface design by undergoing a thorough, professional User Testing.

data report

Data Reporting & Storytelling

Communicating your web property’s reason to be is not always an easy task. We work to help you provide an accessible, linear storyline, which captures the interest and the attention of your audience.

data visualization

Data Visualization & Dashboarding

Having sheets and sheets of rough data, which only some can interpret, only creates frustration, misunderstandings and bottlenecks. Having a visual, clear and intuitive way to communicate critical insights to stakeholders is essential.

data tracking

Data Tracking & Optimization

In order to clearly understand the actual performance of your web property, and how to reach your business goals and KPIs, you will first need to collect high-quality data. We will show you how.

data_ analysis

Data Analysis & Strategy

Decision-making is always challenging, especially in these times of great uncertainty and increased variability. Your best asset is to take an informed decision.