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We try to use State of the Art Processes & Technologies

“Good architecture is necessary to give programs enough structure to be able to grow large without collapsing into a puddle of confusion. The strength of JavaScript is that you can do anything. The weakness is that you will.” REG BRAITHWAITE


We focus on designing and building complex and reliable websites solutions that provide a user experience users enjoy interacting with.
We use only modern and latest Javascript technologies including Javascript Front-End frameworks such as Vuejs, React and Angular. This allows us to have a fast loading time and first rendering website as well as deliver a smooth user experience.
Our Digital Agency can provide highly skilled and experienced JavaScript Developers having the capacity to take on development projects in-house but we are also counting on a database of JS freelancers we carefully selected depending on client needs.
Delivering the best requires mastering the best tools. We also strongly believe in the power of open source and on strong communities these technologies rely on.
We also pay a lot of attention on respecting the design layout, prototyping and animations (see our awards on Nike) made by our UX/UI team (internal link to UX and UI pages) or the one done by your creative agency.
Mastering a large range of tools allow us to select the right ones for the job is in our humble opinion a key factor of your website project success.


We are developing tailor-made projects from single-page applications to high-traffic B2B B2C platforms.
Same as for the front-end frameworks (see above), we tend to use latest in terms of back-end too. We tend to use Node.js, Meteor, backbone.js as the back-end for many of our projects, websites to create fast and scalable web services.
Running those allows us to handle thousands of concurrent connections and requests with minimal overhead. Coupling one of those frameworks with database software such as MongoDB can help us to create complex and blisteringly fact websites with ease.
We are Javascript Experts but we also work and connect with other technologies like Python, Go or Ruby depending on the architecture and project.

Content Management System

Regarding the CMS, we have a complete holistic approach as we put the performance always first and will always prioritize the customer experience rather than the CMS choice which means we can connect with any CMS as our architecture relies much more on the back-end and front-end frameworks we use rather than the actual CMS itself.
There is hundreds and probably even thousands of CMS which all have pros and cons and we tend to let out customer test the CMS first to make sure that the actual people editing the content of the website seem the easiest for our clients to work with.
We tend to prioritize and recommend NodeJS CMS such as KeystoneJS, ApostropheCMS as it’s our core expertise or headless CMS such as Prismic, Contentful, GraphCMS. The CMS solutions are usually open-source but the only difference is more related to the maintenance which is covered directly with a headless CMS solution.
However, we can also work with basic CMS such as Drupal, WordPress if needed but wouldn’t recommend them and also give a shot to latest technologies to make a stable and permanent solution.

Cutting-edge solutions and technologies

We always try to be on top of the trends and investing in research to be up-to-date.
Most of the team spend a considerable chunk of time in researching new process, writing on their expertise or talking at renewed events like AmCham or at Universities. (Download PDF)

Google Solutions: AMP + PWA = Mindblowing Experience.

Google AMP / Baidu MIP: Google AMP and Baidu MIP are mostly the same. One is for global and one specifically for the Chinese market (Baidu). Google AMP and Baidu MIP allow websites to cache pages on Google/Baidu servers to make them almost instantly available on mobile after a user click.We will implement the technology on the website pages that are necessary.
The biggest advantage of this solution is again the performance but has also a vindictive advantage for SEO. Indeed reducing the loading time will help to improve your SEO Performance. On top of this, an AMP website is privileged by Google on SEO results:

Google PWA same as WeChat Mini Programs have one main common goal which is replacing the APP. In this fight with Apple, Google launched PWA (progressive web app) ensures the user a feeling of speed by reducing the website TTI (Time to interactivity) to its minimum like an APP.

Static Site Generators

We recently decided to use GatsbyJS as static site generator based for fastest CDN distribution around the world. Using only react, vue or angular is a penalty by search engines, Gatsby solves that with SSR (server side rendering) system. It also makes websites faster. More on its advantages here.
The website for the user will be purely static, requiring no other calls on other servers than the CDN, the website loading speed is by design the fastest possible. On GatsbyJS, when the user reads a page, the website automatically start downloading the other pages in the background, making a page switch usually instant, even on weak connections
Facebook even chose it for its official react website, navigate on the website to check the performances.


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