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More than a social app for Chinese people, Wechat is becoming a superpower for business as well. Any website can be opened in Wechat browser directly, which is a embedded browser in Wechat native APP.

Inside Wechat kingdom, you can get a unique feature of transmitting data between your Website and Wechat Official Account by integrating Wechat JSSDK.


With Wechat JSSDK integration, you can easily get users info and customized solution for user interaction in Wechat Campaign:

  • Wechat login
  • Silent login
  • Template message
  • Chatbot
  • Wechat sharing
  • ..

Wechat Loyalty Program

Successful loyalty programs are still critical for brand engagement with affluent middle-class consumers in mainland China, despite a global decline in memberships. 

Wechat: A Key and Enermging Medium for Loyalty:

  • Wechat Store
  • WechatPay
  • Location
  • Online booking system
  • Membership virtual cards/points
  • Rewards
  • Vouchers

An emphasis on quality and a die-hard love for design and technology enables us to deliver efficient ROI-driven solutions for companies looking to make their mark in China’s saturated digital markets.

Who are We

We have an expert team of WeChat developers including our CTO which has given to many conferences on specific topics such as Wechat Development and Integration. We can build you a H5 offering a WeChat-centric solution to engage with your brand. Whether you want a booking system, WeChat store or just a platform to inform your consumers or WeChat followers about your brand and products.


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