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Tencent, China’s biggest internet company by market value, is on a collision course with Apple with its aggressive push into wechat mini-programs and Wechat Mini-Games which allows wechat users to bypass app stores and run programs directly within wechat browser.

At 31Ten half of our projects are wechat-related going from the range of solutions listed below as well as articles and whitepapers on this topic.


  • Mini-Games,
  • Mini-Program,
  • WeChat Stores,
  • WeChat H5
  • Creative Experiences,
  • Loyalty Program,
  • O2O solutions,
  • Social CRM integration,
  • Training,

“The Mini Program is a brand new product model which can seamlessly link the offline and the online together” Hu Renjie, WeChat’s Mini Program director.

WeChat Mini Programs

We have an expert team of WeChat developers including our CTO which has given to many conferences on specific topics such as Wechat Mini-Program or Wechat Mini-Games. We can build you a WeChat Mini-Program or Mini-game offering a WeChat-centric solution to engage with your brand. Whether you want a booking system, WeChat store or just a platform to inform your consumers or WeChat followers about your brand and products.

WeChat Mini Games

Unlike mobile and H5 games, WeChat mini-games are built on Mini Programs within the WeChat Official Account.

Whether you’re looking to build an in-app mini-game, H5 promotional page or use WeChat’s API to access the functionalities of WeChat with your own application, our WeChat development services satisfy even the most complex technical needs.


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