Creative Experiences

In Our emphasis on both Tech and User Experience, creative is always the driving force for 31Ten to build and work on cutting-edge technology while keep a close eye on performance and user experience.

Nike React campaign for Wechat users to participate and retrieve their own video shot onsite for AR game on trademill

Nike Running campaign for Wechat Users participating Shanghai Marathon by Running game on Wechat

Trying out new concepts and ideas, and modifying; this is recognized as similar to the artistic process but applied to digital, advertising and other creative industries

Creative Campaign

3D mobile experience, pixel perfect animation, engaging web experience are created with cutting-edge Web technology to give customers brand-new web experience on both Desktop and Mobile along with the adaption of fancy campaign in Wechat specifically for Chinese Users.

Web AR

Augmented Reality (AR) is very likely to become the next big tool for brands to gain dominance in WeChat’s highly competitive environment. It allows brands to offer virtually friction-less AR experiences with as little as a click or a tap, without requiring additional app downloads.

Case Studies

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